Monday 13 August 2012

Tillbakablick nr 1

This blog post can now be found here:


  1. Väldigt roligt att se och läsa. Man får liksom en känsla för din hantverskbana och kan tänka mig att det är spännande för dig också :) Hoppas på fler tillbakablickar!

  2. Dear Andrea,
    First of all I want to congratulte you on this very impressive blog! I'm also interested in Mediëval times a lot. You ever listened to Cantigas de Saqnta Maria? You will find a lot of it on YouTube, please listen to it.
    I also have one question: would it be possible for you have an english version of you blog as well? Thanks a lot! Rgerads Rene

    1. Hi! Thank you! The last two years I'm writing the blog in both Swedish and English, but I've never thought of translate the posts older than that. Perhaps I should do that. Thank you for the idea!

      I'll give Cantigas de Saqnta Maria a listen! :)