Saturday 20 September 2014


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  1. Åh, ullstav/härkul/rock, kul att du använder en sån. Så himla skönt att arbeta med!

  2. If you want some nice hyper-authentic spindles, you could check out this shop:
    I find them to be very good (wrote a review on my blog). I had them recommended to me by Cathelina at

    1. Thank you! Great site! I actually bought a spindle from an old friend of my family. He makes the whorl from soapstone and I got it just like I want it, but I'll save the link for when I need more spindles. :D

    2. They are very nice, because you slot the whorl on upwards, from the bottom. So, as you get a bigger cop of wool you can change to a lighter whorl. But also you can have several spindle sticks and one whorl and fill them all up. Very useful!

      (Your soapstone whorl sounds lovely. You must have good friends. ;)